Lahat Express | Get Your Idea Manufactured Properly And Cost Effectively
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Lahat Express is an all-­in-­one product development and offshore manufacturing service. Our mission is to help you get your idea developed and manufactured, in small or large quantities, so that you can focus on expanding your business and sales channels.


We make importing from overseas safe and easy.


Our goal is to help our clients find or build great products and parts through reliable suppliers. We have personal connections and direct experience and knowledge of the best factories both in China and the Philippines, which makes working with us a breeze.

Product Development

Expect us to create and develop useful products with our clients and partners worldwide. Improving your manufacturing efficiencies and ultimately increasing profitability. We manage your project from design and consulting down to complete inspections.


We continually look for new ways to get our clients what they want quicker and cheaper. Over the years we have manufactured and shipped everything imaginable. We know what it takes to get your product through customs and delivered to you on time.


Developing a product can be a problematic and time consuming process for anyone. We take the headache out of all of that by giving you instant access to our team. Our expertise in the overseas manufacturing game will help get your product idea from prototype to mass production and on shelves quickly and easily. We have the best contacts available in order to negotiate with potential suppliers and offshore manufacturers on your behalf, allowing you to obtain the best pricing on materials, regardless of minimum order requirements.

  • ­ Utilize our wide manufacturing partner base
  •  Improve systems to pass savings onto your customers
  • ­ Reduce much of your direct operating costs
  • ­ Adhere to best business practices
  • ­ Hands ­on procurement operations with solid standards
  • ­ Assured high quality goods and timely delivery
  • ­ Receive access to deep sea ports with excellent rates




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